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Random Questions

Offline Mike
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When the full game is released, will there be a way to continue your game from when you left off in the demo?

What will Titanosaurus' attacks be? They weren't described in the story.

About the "Destroy All Monsters" code, will RED be among the bosses you fight?

At the end of the "Glitchland" stage in Zenith, you fight the hybrid boss, but when he dies, the ground sinks down. Mothra was used in the story to avoid falling down, but what if you use a monster incapable of flight at the stage? Will it die?

When you fight the Chimera, will the battle use King Ghidorah's music from the original game?
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Offline Retarted
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I imagine that titanosaurus's attacks will be just punchs and kicks for the most part

Also perhaps like the classic sonic games...the levels can be designed for all the characters to explore but they can go different routes so mothra and Solomon can take routes higher while godzilla and angirus can take lower routes but in the end they all complete the level the same way

For destroy all monsters...I think red would be the last of monsters to...well...destroy lol

For the Chimera...I think he could have some remixed theme
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