[Blazing Chrome] Updated Screenshots

[Image: 014_thumb.jpg]

Hello everyone,
Today I've added lots of screenshots from Blazing Chrome, showcasing some of the missions that are going to be in the game, I hope you like it!

Mission 1
[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_01.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_02.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_03.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_04.png]

Mission 2
[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_05.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_06.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_07.png]

Mission 3
[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_08.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_09.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_10.png]

Mission 4
[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_11.png]

[Image: blazing_chrome_ss_12.png]