These are questions I receive all the time, so before asking any question about the game, please read this F.A.Q.

Q: When are you going to release the next version?
A: When it's ready. Big Grin

Q: Who will be the next champion?
A: This is not something that I can answer, but you can always give suggestions here.

Q: Are you going to add skins / items / runes & masteries?
A: No. Skins would significantly increase the game size and adding stuff like items or masteries would complicate the game mechanics. Keep in mind that this is not LOL!

Q: Are you going to add more skills for each champion?
A: No. I want to keep the game as simple as it is.

Q: Are you going to add extra animations like jokes?
A: No, every new animation I add in the game costs lots of memory and space.

Q: Are you going to add sound effects and music?
A: Yes, this is something I want to do ASAP.
A: Music and sound effects were added in the version 1.0.7.

Q: Are you going to port the game for mobile devices (Android & iOS)?
A: Right now I have no plans for a mobile version of the game.

Q: What engine are you using to make this game?
A: Game Maker: Studio.