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[Godzilla Creepypasta] 0.0.2 - Titanosaurus & More!

Offline psyke
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[Godzilla Creepypasta] 0.0.2 - Titanosaurus & More!

[Image: 016_thumb.jpg]

Hello everyone!

Today I'm releasing a new version of the game, lots of things added, like new stages, minibosses and also TITANOSAURUS!

You can check this version’s changelog below:

Quote:• Added Save/Load System.
• Added a new planet: MARS. This includes all the monsters and stages from Mars, and some new Bosses/Minibosses.
• Added a new monster: TITANOSAURUS.
• Added a new exclusive miniboss: DOGORA.
• Added a new exclusive stage: GLITCHY STAGE (MARS).
• Added a new capsule: Hybrid Capsule, which fully recovers both Health & Power bars.
• Added a new behavior to the minibosses (Matango Hive, Gohten, Dogora): now they give Experience Points only once, and also drops an Hybrid Capsule.
• Added a new EXIT button to the main menu.
• Updated the Bestiary with the missing monsters from Earth (Volcano & Mecha City), and also added monsters from MARS!
• Updated the visuals for the Dogora Cells on Earth.
• Updated the ESC button on the keyboard to pause the game instead of exiting it.
• Updated the music volume of the game (reduced).
• Updated the Phoenix enemy to drop a Health Capsule when killed.
• Updated the Volcanoes to wait 3 seconds before throwing projectiles.
• Updated Godzilla’s Heatbeam (Godzilla does not get knocked back anymore while charging it).
• Increased Health & Power Capsules Recovery Amount (20% to 35%).
• Increased Mothra’s EyeBeam Damage (0.04 to 0.05).
• Increased Mothra’s Wing Damage (0.075 to 0.1).
• Increased Duplication Delay for the Flame Shurikens.
• Reduced Orb’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.25).
• Reduced ThornTower’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.1).
• Reduced Phoenix’s Health (0.35 to 0.2).
• Reduced Phoenix’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.1).
• Reduced Manda’s Health (1.0 to 0.65).
• Reduced Manda’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.1).
• Reduced Dogora’s Collision Damage (0.01 to 0.005).
• Fixed the direction of Moguera’s Projectiles (MARS).
• Fixed a bug that allowed the player to fight the bosses without having to play through the stages.
• Fixed a bug with volcanoes appearing too close to the screen.
• Fixed a bug where Godzilla could get stuck after receiving damage from the volcanoes.
• Fixed a bug where the music would stop after dying while playing on a regular stage.


[Image: button_download.png]


[Image: godzilla_ss_01.png]

[Image: godzilla_ss_02.png]

[Image: godzilla_ss_03.png]

[Image: godzilla_ss_04.png]

[Image: godzilla_ss_05.png]

[Image: godzilla_ss_06.png]

[Image: godzilla_ss_07.png]
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Offline Aloyd1987
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This new demo is awesome! Big Grin
I just finished it not a while ago, and its still pretty good!
Keep up the good work!
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Offline ElectroBandit
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This post was last modified: 04-08-2019, 10:52 PM by ElectroBandit
i honestly though that this project was dead but then i check one more time and i see this it this just 1 day ago i got my hopes up again i already played it on all ways possible, keep up the good work btw i know you are busy with blazing chrome but i'll wait patiently for godzilla
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