These are questions I receive all the time, so before asking any question about the game, please read this F.A.Q.

Q: When are you going to release the game?
A: The game is still at it's early stages, there is a lot of work to be done, that's why there is no release date.

Q: When are you going to release a DEMO?
A: When I finish at least the first planet. This could take a while since I am doing stuff at random. Be patient.

Q: Are you going to use the musics from Goji73 videos?
A: No, because most of them are copyrighted.

Q: Are you going to use the musics from VectormanOverkill videos?
A: They are pretty good, but doesn't fit the game at all. I am looking for 8 bits songs.

Q: Then who is going to do all the musics?
A: I don't know, I'm still looking for someone who can create 8 bits songs, but right now it's not the priority.

Q: What engine are you using to make this game?
A: Game Maker: Studio.

Q: Will there be any passwords?
A: Yes, and you can share your password ideas here.

Q: Will there be any jumpscares?
A: No, but I am planning on add a password that enables jumpscares through the game, it's still something that I am thinking about.

Q: Will there be customizable controllers?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be gamepad support?
A: Yes.