[LOL Arena] 1.0.8 - Online Multiplayer, 2 new champions and more!

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Hello everybody, today I'm releasing a new version of the game with online multiplayer (experimental), Gamepad support and 2 new champions: Lux and Morgana. I also changed the game logo and updated the screenshots of the website.

What's new?

Release Date: 01/01/2016
• Online Multiplayer through TCP/IP (Experimental).
• Gamepad support.
• All the champions were rendered again with better illumination.
• Improved the quality of texts and HUD elements.
• New hit effects for some projectiles.
• Heimerdinger's first ability doesn't knock back the enemies anymore.
• 2 new champions: Lux & Morgana.

[Image: icon_lux.png] [Image: icon_morgana.png]

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