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LOL Arena - How to play Online

There are 2 ways to play the game with your friends:
1. Port Forwarding on your router (HOST only);
2. Using a third party software like Evolve or Hamachi.

Method 1: Port Forwarding
I will not go in depth with this method because there is a website that can explain step by step how to open ports on your router.

2. Select the name of your modem/router
3. Select any game from the list
4. Follow the steps described in the page, but instead of using the provided ports, use the port 64198
5. Check if the port is now open at http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ (change the port number to 64198)
6. Open LOL Arena and go to Online > Host Game
7. Send your external IP address to your friends

Important note: if you did everything correctly and the port is still closed, that means that your internet provider doesn't allow you to do that kind of stuff. If that is the case, you could ask them to open the port for you or go for Method 2.

Method 2: Third party Software
This method makes use of a third party software to create a virtual private network (VPN). I will post here 2 softwares that I tested and worked as expected, you don't have to download both of them, just pick one.

[Image: icon-evolve.png]

1. Go to EVOLVE WEBSITE and download the software
2. Install and launch Evolve
3. Create a new account by clicking in the "Register" button or enter your Evolve credentials if you already have one
4. Add everyone you want to join your game to your friend list. Go to Friends > Add Friend
5. Create a Party. Go to Friends > Create a Party
6. Now your friends should see the party you created in the "Active Parties". Tell them to Right Click in the created party and then click "Join Party"
7. Now your friends can use the IP that's in front of your nickname to connect into the game

[Image: icon-hamachi.png]

1. Go to HAMACHI WEBSITE and download the "Unmanaged" version
2. Install and launch Hamachi
3. Click on the "Power" icon below the "System" menu
4. Create a new account by clicking in the "sign up" button or enter your Hamachi credentials if you already have one
5. Create a new network by clicking in the "Create a new network" button
6. After you have created the network, send the name and password of the network to your friends so they can join the party (please note that the name and passwords are CASE SENSITIVE)
7. Now you (or your friends) can host a game. Open LOL Arena  and go to Online > Host Game
8. Send your IPv4 address to your friends (you can find your IPv4 by clicking on the right side of the "Power" button), or you can tell your friends to Right Click your nickname and then click "Copy IPv4 address"

ps: sometimes Hamachi fails to install the network driver on Windows 7, this is because the driver is unsigned, if that happens, try using Evolve as it doesn't have this problem.

Important: make sure everybody has the FIREWALL TURNED OFF!