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Champion Suggestion

Offline Yaros
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I played this Game now for a while and i really love it. I made the following Champion concepts, i hope you'll like them. I tried to make them as unique as possible, but still keeping the elements of the Champions and the ability to implement the spells to LOL Arena.

Z: His Ult, He fires shots for 2 seconds in the direction he is looking. He keeps aiming into one direction and can move while shooting. So that the DMG is more consistent enemys that get hit by 1 shot only take half of the dmg from the following shots.
X: Either his Q or his E, depending if his dmg should be focused on his ult (then E) or if he should have an dmg alternative (his Q)

X: Transformation to Valor/Quinn
- When transforming to Valor, jump forward and stop when hitting a target
- Transforming back to Quinn activates "Skystrike" and/or dashes back. Not sure about which one. Skystrike would make Champion-wise more sense, but the dash in turns of in game usability, keeping distance as Quinn and going melee as Valor.
Z: - As Quinn: line skillshot (Q)
- As Valor: AOE DMG around Valor

Z: His regular Q
X: anchors himselfe (can no longer move). With arrow keys he can aim a shot of his ult, which he can activate with Z. X cancels everything, so he can move again

Twisted Fate:
Z: His regular Q
X: Throws 1 of 3 cards (either random, or make it hover all the time, so not just when activating the spell) in a short line
- Blue: longer distance and/or higher dmg
- gold: knocks back briefly
- red: deals aoe dmg

Z: Throws her ball to a location in front of orianna (similar distance as Lux) and dealing dmg on it's way and detonate there, dealing dmg in a circle (Q+W combo). ball stays at this place
X: Return the ball to Orianna, dealing dmg on its way back (her E)

Z: His regular Q
X: channels his laser for 2 seconds in the direction he is looking. Can't move during this time, but can change the direction of the laser with the arrow keys

I hope you'll like them and that the spells can actually be implemented into the Game.
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Offline psyke
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These are all great suggestions!

I though of his ultimate as one of his abilities as well, this could work without making him OP.

Transformation is something that's really complicated to do and I don't know if it would fit well in the game. Quinn is a champion that I would need to reinvent all her skills (like I did to Leona).

This guy is my main in League of Legends, but I don't think it will be possible to add him in LOL Arena. The big problem with Xerath is that his body is made of particles, and these particles are generated in real time in-game.

To better explain what I'm talking about:

Twisted Fate
I think Twisted Fate is a great champion to add into the game and I liked your idea about the different cards.

Lux's first ability works like that, it passes through the enemies and deals a second damage when it explodes. I think with Orianna I would have to adjust some of her skills, but I'm not sure yet.

I would change his X to one of his regular abilities, I think his W could work pretty well.
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Offline dermato65
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Thresh would be nice

X: His Q like lee sin shot and dive
Z: his E jump a little bit


X: her Q dash
Z: Her E Force punch


X. His Q can damage 2 champs
Z.His W make area to heal


X: her W skill shot
Z: traps


X: his Q area damage
Z: his W if he hit hi can do it again


X: his Q
Z:his sling shot (it's very funny)


X: his q long distance throw
Z: His W like diana's spheres

Im sorry all X and Z wrong ı realized and Im to tire to change
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Offline Buda2Nick
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z = regular q for attack adn 3rd z is jumps enemies.
x = her e for escape or attack


z = his regular q for hook
x = his e for jumps enemies


z = his q for dive
x = his w for jumps enemies
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Offline Grizzly7G
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First of, hello. This is my first post on this forum Smile I really enjoy playing Lol Arena and I have some champion ideas:


Z: You shot a disc for a short distance ,it come back after 2 seconds.
X: You go back in time to the place where you had been 3 seconds ago ,dealing damage to this place.

How to play?
Very skillfull champion and i think very fun to play. You can escape easly ,you can kill someone easly. This champion got a few very cool tricks. For example you can throw your Z and then use your X. You will teleport back in time and your disc will back to you dealing damage.


Z: You hit someone in front of you. Like rengar's z.
X: You get small amonut of shield.

How to play?
Hit and run ,hit and run ,hit and run. He is very good at 1v1 ,but when it comes to teamfight ,he can be kited easly.


Z: You shot for a short distance.
X: Short dash. However ,if your Z will hit an enemy, cooldown of your dash is refreshing.

How to play?
This is very skillfull champion ,just like in real league of legends game.
You need skill to kite your opponents to reset your X cooldown.


Z: You shot for a short distnace.
X: You put mooshroom. When someone step on it ,mooshroom deals damage. Mooshroom is visible for everone. Only 2 mooshrooms can be standing for one moment.

How to play?
Its simple ,you try to kite your opponents and you can defending yourself using mushrooms.
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Offline psyke
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Ok guys, there are a lot of good suggestions here, and I think all of you are in the right direction. Since I can't add all of them, I' made poll with some of the champions that you suggested.

Fixed Thread:
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