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[Tutorial] Small guide to LOL Arena

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A work in progress!

Hi, it's dacoqrs. I play LOL Arena a lot, and I play with friends, and it's gotten to a very competitive level. Me and my friends play seriously. So, here's a small guide I wrote to the characters!

(Z) ---------- FIRST ABILITY

[Image: icon_darius.png]


(Z) Spin around, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
(X) Throw out your axe and then pull back, pulling nearby enemies in.


Okay, so, Darius. He's a great character. His main damage is only a rather low cooldown, and his pull is useful.

+ Low cooldowns
+ Can pull people over walls
+ General reliability, only one skill shot

- Can be kited by long range characters
- You have to hit your
(X) for anything to happen


Okay, so there's two ways to play Darius. In Yo Face Darius and Hit and Run Darius.

For In Yo Face Darius, you want to stick to enemies. Don't run away. Charge in and mash (Z), (X) if they try to dash away. You'll die very fast, but will have an easier time against kiting champs.

Hit and Run is my style of choice. Basically, (X) to pull them in, (Z) for the damage, then disengage. It's very reliant on the (X) and can be kited very easily, but is probably the smarter style because you'll die too easy playing the other way.


Darius is GOOD against:
Diana: Darius is very good at countering Diana as he can interrupt her dash.
Heimerdinger: Darius can pull him out of his turrets.
Leona: Darius can interrupt her dash repeatedly to stop her from dealing damage.

Darius is BAD against:
Ezreal: Ezreal will kite you for literally days. It's practically an automatic loss.
Lux: Easier than Ezreal, but still tough because so much kite.
Zed: The only champ that isn't because of kiting. Zed will mess you up because he will constantly teleport to clones and basically throw shit at you until you die.

[Image: icon_diana.png]


(Z) Put 3 orbs around you that, upon connecting with an enemy, will deal damage and deactivate. (You can only hit each orb once)
(X) Dash, dealing damage. If you hit an enemy, the cooldown is reset.


I call her, the Clutch Queen. She can clutch so easily. She can come back in the best situations, and she's exhilarating to play.

+ Loads of burst damage
+ Has a dash for escaping bad fights
+ Keeps away melee champs with

- Long cooldown on both abilities
- If dash is interrupted, you're dead lol


Press (Z), mash (X). Quite easy. You want to activate your orbs, dash through someone, turn around, dash back. Repeat. It's, well, as easy as it sounds.


Diana is GOOD against:
Lee Sin: Rengar has no way of doing anything against you unless he hits an upgraded (X). He's practically toast.
Heimerdinger: You can dash through his turrets to reset your (X).
Morgana: Even though Morgana’s shield will deflect one (X), after that she is toast.

Diana is BAD against:
Darius: Darius can (X) and interrupt your dash.
Lee Sin: Lee Sin can (X) and interrupt your dash.
Leona: Leona can (X) and interrupt your dash. (Seeing a theme?)

[Image: icon_ezreal.png]


(Z) Fire a bolt that deals damage.
(X) Teleport forward, dealing damage to nearby enemies.


He's all skill, basically. His (Z) does great damage on a low cooldown, but, well, you have to aim it. His (X) does good damage but is short ranged and deprives you from an escape.

+ Amazing Kite
+ Has a reliable escape
+ Low cooldown on
+ High sustain, if you can hit your (Z)

- Pure skill, no easy skills
(X) on a rather long cooldown
- Beat by champs who can out range him


Ezreal can kite retardedly well. Run away, turn around, (Z), keep running. If they have a dash, use your (X) to counter it. Ezreal has amazing kill secure in one combo. If your opponent has a little less than half health, this should kill them. Run away from them, but make sure they catch up to you. When they're in range of your (X), teleport onto them and press (Z). This should kill them.


Ezreal is GOOD against:
Darius: Kite him down, easy peazy.
Rengar: Your (Z) outranges his (X). As long as you juke the (X), you can kite him as good as anyone else.
Lux: You have about the same range as her, and can juke her combo with your (X).

Ezreal is BAD against:
Ziggs: Ziggs can stay out of range and spam bombs.
Morgana: Morgana will shield your (Z), and will eventually poke you down.
LeBlanc: This one doesn't seem to make any sort of sense. But it does. Her dash is not telegraphed, and your (X) can't destroy her chain, as it doesn't get your far enough.

[Image: icon_heimerdinger.png]


(Z) Throw a short range wrench that deals damage.
(X) place a turret that fires at enemies. 2 max.


Heimer is seemingly difficult but actually not. He's a champ that is great at area denial. Not much else to say.

+ Area Denial
+ Turrets can intercept skillshots
+ Good sustain

- Low reliable damage
- Easy to kill when alone


Put down two turrets, and (Z) whenever anyone gets close. It's so easy. Nothing else to say.


Heimerdinger is GOOD against:
Lee Sin: Turrets intercept his (Z).
Rengar: His (X) doesn't go through your turrets.
LeBlanc: Turrets can take her (Z).

Heimerdinger is BAD against:
Darius: Darius can pull you against turrets.
Ziggs: Ziggs will spam you down, and can outrange your turrets.
Lux: Lux’s (Z) goes through your turrets, and so does her (X).

[Image: icon_leblanc.png]


(Z) Throw out a chain that deals damage on impact, and, if the target stays in range, deals damage again after a delay.
(X) Dash forward, dealing damage where you land. Press again to teleport to your original location.


Her role is basically that she generally can box and outmaneuver anyone.

+ High Maneuverability
+ Solid damage
+ Low cooldowns

- Easily burst down
- Reliance on hitting


LeBlanc is GOOD against:
Ezreal: You outmaneuver his kiting ability, basically.
Ziggs: He throws bomb, you dash toward him and start reking him.
Rengar: Very easy matchup. Throw chains and keep your distance.

LeBlanc is BAD against:
Heimerdinger: Your (Z) is body blocked by his turrets.
Lee Sin: He keeps up with you and outdamages you.
Morgana: Her shield blocks your chain and she can outpoke you overall.

Lee Sin
[Image: icon_leesin.png]


(Z) Throw out a projectile that deals damage on the first enemy hit. Activate to dash to the enemy hit and deal damage.
(X) Deal damage and knockup enemies around you.


Holy burst batman. He hits like a meat truck. His chase game is so good, and he deals so much burst.

+ High burst
+ Good chase

- Reliance on hitting skillshot
- Low range on


Basically, just throw around your (Z), wait till you hit somebody. When you do, press (Z) again, press (X), and then (Z), then (Z), then (X). (Z). (Z). (X). (Z). (Z). (X). Very easy.


Lee Sin is GOOD against:
Diana: Your (X) interrupts her dash.
LeBlanc: You can keep up with her and outdamage her.
Leona: When she knocks you away, just (Z) to get back in.

Lee Sin is BAD against:
Heimerdinger: His turrets block your (Z)
Morgana: Her (X) blocks your (Z) (and damages you)
Rengar: His (X) keeps you in place, and his damage is more reliable.

[Image: icon_leona.png]


(Z) Slash forward in a small arc, damaging enemies in front of you and destroying projectiles.
(X) Dash forward, stopping on contact. If you hit an enemy champion, they are damaged and knock backed.


Leona actually is a very strong all around character, interestingly enough. In team battles, she actually is very good at tanking, staying true to her character in League.

+ Low cooldowns
+ Can engage and disengage at will
+ Good against kiters

- Can be out-damaged
(Z) can be juked with proper timing

Alrighty, so, Leona is a very straightforward champion. Her (X) is a great tool, and I should talk a lot about it. Basically, the charge is so useful. It's your all purpose ability. Meanwhille, your (Z) is the ability that you use against projectile based champions to destroy their damage source.


Leona is GOOD against:
Diana: If you see Diana dashing toward you, feel free to put her in her place and put her dash on a long cooldown.
Zed: Zed will try to out juke you with his clones, but the good news is, you have a long range dash, so you can always stay on top of him, and you can destroy his Z with your Z.
Ziggs: Ziggs will always try to keep you at range. You can stop this by charging through his bomb and staying on top of him.

Leona is BAD against:
Lee Sin: Lee Sin out damages you and, if he lands a (Z) before you charge him, he will come flying right back in. Your (Z) does destroy his (Z), but, it requires incredible timing.
LeBlanc: Your (Z) doesn't block her (Z), and her (X) is too fast for you to interrupt; a good LeBlanc will juke you with it.
Darius: His (X) interrupts your charge, meaning you can't disengage from his consistent damage effectively.

[Image: icon_lux.png]


(Z) Shoot forward a projectile that deals damage on contact with enemies. When it reaches the end of it's path, it explodes, dealing damage again.
(X) Shoot a ball of light that rests at it's location. Activate it again to deal damage to nearby enemies and knock them up briefly.

Lux is the epitome of easy to play, hard to master. Her damage can get retarded if you master every aspect of her. I will cover this in the tips section.

+ Low cooldowns
+ High damage, if combo is preformed correctly
+ Good against kiters, as long as you play correctly

- Slow skillshots
- All skill, no easy to hit abilities
- You do laughable damage if you do not know how to play her

Alrighty, so, the most important thing to understand about Lux is how much practice it takes to become good with her. This is thanks to her (Z)'s mechanics, in that it can deal damage twice if hit correctly. The idea with her combo is that you hit your (X) at your (Z)'s maximum range, and then shoot your (Z) as you knock them up with your (X) , so they can't dodge either instance of your (Z). Complicated? That's right. But the damage output is simply ludicrous if you master this combo.


Lux is GOOD against:
Darius: You outrange and can kite him very well.
Heimerdinger: Heimer can usually play defensive because most abilities do not go through his turrets. Your does, allowing you to poke him outside of the range of his turrets.
Morgana: Morgana's spellshield only blocks a single instance of damage, so one (Z) can pop it easily, while you also outrange her.

Lux is BAD against:
Rengar: His damage is way too consistent for you to manage, and his upgraded (X) allows him to stay close to you.
Zed: His teleport allows him to juke your slow (X) , ruining your whole combo and also allowing him to easily engage on you.
Ezreal: One of the only champs that can match your range, and he can juke your skillshots with his (X).

[Image: icon_morgana.png]


(Z) Shoot forward a projectile that deals damage to the first enemy hit and knocking them up.
(X) Put a shield around yourself. When you take damage, you lose the shield, take no damage, and deal damage in an area around you.

Morgana wins fights through steady vigilance and in general, being just absolutely annoying. Your (Z) stops any champion with any sort of dash, and your (X) prevents people like Rengar from destroying you.

+ Anti-Dash
+ Does well against all champions

- High Cooldowns
- Low Damage

So with Morgana, it's really all about your opponent. For example... Lee Sin hits you with a (Z)? Feel free to knock him up during the dash. LeBlanc diving you? Put up your shield and watch as suddenly she's running away. Basically, against champions with dashes, use your (Z) to interrupt them. Against other champions, use (X) to block their abilities.


Morgana is GOOD against:
Ezreal: Easy fight. Use (X) to block damage, poke with (Z) from afar.
LeBlanc: You can block her dash with (Z), and interrupt either instance of her chain with (X).
Lee Sin: Once again, block his dash, shield his damage. Almost an instant win.

Morgana is BAD against:
Diana: "But wait!" you cry, "You can block her dash!". Problem is, if she hits you with one, there's no way you're hitting your super slow (Z) on her.
Lux: She can pop your shield from range with all of your abilities.
Zed: His double (Z) will destroy your shield easily, and he never needs to come near you, nor does he have dashes.

[Image: icon_rengar.png]


(Z) Deal damage in a small area in front of you. If you deal damage with this ability, your next cast deals bonus damage and hits in a larger area.
(X) Throw out a bola that does damage. If you deal damage with this ability, your next cast deals bonus damage and knocks the enemy hit towards you.

Rengar is the master of burst. He has very poor engage, but if he gets near you, oh my lord, he will destroy you. He does suffer, however, against people with dashes.

+ High Burst
+ Good at dueling champions
+ Low cooldowns

- Low mobility
- Punished for missing abilities
- Your first (Z) cast is really hard to hit

Your goal as Rengar is to just get as close to enemy champions as possible. To do this, it's often good to blindside them. Once you hit an (X), you can (X) again to bring them closer. Aim your (Z) carefully, as it is very hard to hit. Be wary of champions with dashes. Sometimes, it's good to hold onto an upgraded (X), run toward them, bait their dash, and then (X) them to bring them close.


Rengar is GOOD against:
Lee Sin: Your damage is more consistent than his. Easy.
Lux: You can stay close to her and, unlike her, can deal damage very easily.
Ziggs: Although this one sounds weird, it's not. Once you get in close, it's very hard for him to do anything to you.

Rengar is BAD against:
Diana: You have no way to interrupt her dash combo unless you manage to hit an upgraded (X).
Heimerdinger: He will basically hide behind turrets and make life extremely difficult.
Ezreal: He punishes you for having no engage, and will constantly juke your (X) with his.

[Image: icon_zed.png]


(Z) If you or a clone is close to an enemy, lash out and spin, dealing damage to enemies near you and your clone, if you have one. Otherwise, throw a shuriken that deals damage to all enemies hit. If you have a clone, he throws one as well.
(X) Throw out a clone in front of you that mimics your abilities. Activate again to swap places with your clone.

Zed is very good all around. He deals good solid damage and has good escape and maneuverability tools. He is only countered by some select champions and overall has good matchups.

+ Consistent Damage
+ Decent Burst
+ Good manuverability

- Skillshot reliance
- You have to be aware of where your clone is


A good engage as Zed is to start with an X, followed by a Z. This will give you some good long range damage. Then, when they throw their ability, use your X again to juke it. Now, against specifically melee champs, if they get too close, throw out an X, and then wait until they are inbetween you and your clone. Then, use your Z, and then X. This will damage them and then put you in a safe spot away from him.


Zed is GOOD against:
Darius: You can kite him well, and when he gets close, juke him with clones.
Lux: The fact that you have a teleport destroys her combo, and you can punish her for missing it.
Morgana: Her shield can be broken with a double Z. Stay vigilante and juke her Z with your X.

Zed is BAD against:
Leona: She can stay on top of you with her X, and destroy your Z with her Z.
Ziggs: He outranges you super hard. A smart Ziggs will never let you get close to him.
Ezreal: Not really a true counter, but he does outrange you, and he can juke your Z.



XX/XX/XX: Original post date.
1/27/16: Added Leona and Lux. Still need pictures for them. UPDATE: Got the pictures!
3/6/16: Updated Leona to add that she can destroy projectiles. Added Morgana and Rengar.
3/13/16: Added Zed.
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Hey dacoqrs, thanks for this awesome guide. I took the liberty to edit and format the topic, I hope you don't mind. I will stick this thread since it can be very useful for new players.
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Well done my friend! Big Grin
Very helpful!
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(01-18-2016, 02:54 AM)psyke Wrote: Hey dacoqrs, thanks for this awesome guide. I took the liberty to edit and format the topic, I hope you don't mind. I will stick this thread since it can be very useful for new players.

Thank you so much! I'm very good at coming up with good ideas but I absolutely suck at formatting and you made it look amazing! Thank you so much! I intend to work on this a little further this week, I apologize for the long delay, I've had a lot of exams the past few weeks Smile
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