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Official Trailer/Teaser

Offline psyke
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Blazing Chrome - Official Trailer/Teaser

[Image: 012_thumb.jpg]

Blazing Chrome is a classic co-op run 'n gun based on Contra and Metal Slug. Players can choose between Mavra, the badass human resistance soldier, or Doyle, the groovy rebel robot. The game is being developed by JoyMasher and Allone-Works (me).

The game will be released at sometime in 2018.
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Offline MishapTrap
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I'm getting heavy contra vibes from this lol
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Offline psyke
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We did took some core elements from Contra and Metal Slug as our main inspiration, if you like Contra, then you will probably gonna like Blazing Chrome.

Big Grin
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Offline Retarted
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Just by looking at the trailer this looks like a badass game so badass one of the characters made a joke about the games name and it's blazing (see what I did there)

Now for the game could there be some modes that alter the games difficulties or add/remove stuff
Such as the games normal mode

But the next modes are some suggestions:

Baby mode: makes things incredibly easy (enemy hp. Boss attacks etc) ...but doesn't give you a true ending (if your planing that)

Mann mode: makes enemy's much harder and bosses have new/changed attack patterns and you deal less damage and have less hp

Equal mode (this is kinda a stupid one): you enemies and bosses have ALOT of firepower (e.g: you have a 5 way shot and a boss has spammable explosives)

Nuclear mode: where ever you are in game a timer will count down (the timer could change depending on level length) and if you die it's of... nuclear stuff

Hell mode: you can only take 1 hit and levels are made to have kaizo levels of difficulty (another stupid one)
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