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[Bug Report] Loss of control on focus change

Offline Nightmaregryph
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When using the XBONE controller, wired, all control of the XBONE is lost after changing window focus from one window to another. I have an X55 Rhino which is two more controllers, so it's possible that the game maybe is confusing which controller is which upon returning focus.

When starting the game, it gets the XBONE controller right, so no problems there.
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Offline Stoob
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I've also noticed this disconnect, but i was using an xbox 360 controller in the demo
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Offline psyke
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The disconnect is expected due to how Game Maker (the engine I'm using) deals with gamepads, but if you go back to the game window, it SHOULD reconnect your gamepad again. It's very hard for me to test gamepads here because I do not own an XBOX/PS3 controller, also keep in mind that not every gamepad works with NGC, and I have no idea if Game Maker supports the X55 Rhino at all.

The only thing I can say now is that the gamepad support will be improved in the future.
Thanks for your feedback!
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