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Lol Arena Update

Offline Justice
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1. The number of this hero should rise as fast as possible (Teemo, Tristana) and so on.

2. The shortest time in the world should be the two favorite costumes (Kanlı Ay Diana) and so on.

3.We should come up with a guide who makes a narration of all the heroes (Diana Guide) and so on.

4.Here's statistics. (For example, Darius has a lot of life).

5.Herolara should be the newest runes in LOL as a new option on the menu.

6. Let's pick up some rope and costume for them.

7.Get new maps (Arcade map) and so on.

8.Help passives come (for example, get more for those who are not able to zed).

9. Bugs should now be finished (Nothing remains.)

10. Mode of play is extra.

11. We must have an account in our online online player. There must be a free rotation. We should collect rope with them and get hero, costume and rinse.

For now, this is my suggestion.
No english I am turkish
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Offline psyke
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I edited you post to make it easier to read.

1. Adding new champions is a very difficulty task, and since I'm working on other projects, I don't have time to update LOL Arena right now, I need to finish my other games as well.

2, 5, 6. As from the F.A.Q:
Quote:Q: Are you going to add skins / items / runes & masteries?
A: No. Skins would significantly increase the game size and adding stuff like items or masteries would complicate the game mechanics. Keep in mind that this is not LOL!

3. I don't understand what you mean here, sorry.

4. I think you mean about the HP of the champions, right? I already answered you in this topic:

7. I may add extra themes to the existing map in the future.

8. This is also in the F.A.Q:
Quote:Q: Are you going to add more skills for each champion?
A: No. I want to keep the game as simple as it is.

9. I will do my best to fix all the bugs, if you find any bugs please report here:

10. I do want to add extra game modes, but right now it's not on my priority list.

11. I think you're confusing LOL Arena with League of Legends. This is just a fan game with small features, I'm not trying to make a League of Legends clone or anything like that, I hope you understand that.
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Offline Justice
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This post was last modified: 08-15-2017, 09:14 PM by Justice
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Kötü ingilizce gözlüğü çevirisi için özür dilerim[/color]

While you have a specific plan, you can also concentrate on the Lol Arena while the champions mapler is over and the Lol Arena is over. If you have finished all your other games, it is best if you are going to the arena.
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