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Offline Justice
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1. Auto Attack !
2. more detail health bar : darius has 400 health zed has 350 health ...
3. minions ...
4. bigger area...
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Offline psyke
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1. From the F.A.Q:
Quote:Q: Are you going to add more skills for each champion?
A: No. I want to keep the game as simple as it is.

2. I don't want to add "numbers" into the equation, since there is no way to tell how much health you have, I want every champion to have the same amount of health.

3. This defeats the purpose of "Arena". LOL Arena is a game where you fight against other champions, adding minions to it would be like trying to make a LOL clone, and that's not my goal here, sorry.

4. Right now I have no plans on changing the size of the map, as this would significantly increase the game size.
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