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"Japanese" Version

Offline Godzilla1990s
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This post was last modified: 08-02-2017, 01:18 AM by Godzilla1990s
I thought of an interesting idea: Maybe there could be a version of the game where the title screen and the intro (with the 8-bit Akira Ifukube themes) could play instead of the US title screen and intro.

Like this:

I'm not saying the text should be Japanese (though that could be an interesting thing to do), but maybe another version with the Japanese title screen and the 8-bit Akira Ifukube themes. It probably wouldn't take long to do.
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Offline Ampharosite
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Seems like a neat idea, but wouldn't make much sense in context of the pasta. I wouldn't be against the idea of a version that uses the Japanese title and intro, however.
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Offline psyke
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Since this is something that is not really useful and there is no demand for it, I could add it as a password. After you enter the password, the game resets into the Japanese version, is this alright for you?

But this is not something that will be available in the next version, because I have other priorities for the game (like finishing Mars).
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