So since the first demo released I thought we could have a small details thread to keep up with the pasta and original game 

My list was that

Godzilla had Invincibility while tail whipping or using his atomic breath

For some odd reason depending on where mothra is her sprite would change between her normal one and a more greenish one I don't know if it's a texture/sprite bug in the original but during a jungle level what I mentioned above happens also if she fights a boss in this green state it carries over also the power and hp meter would also receive this effect during mothras gameplay 

In the Japanese version of the game godzillas punch attack is much slower the animation is like mechagodzillas but godzilla but in the American version his punch Is much faster and more spammable same gos with his kick but the tail whip is unchanged between versions 

Also between versions mothras deadly pollen attack hitbox is changed in the Japanese if the sprite just scrapes the hitbox of an enemy it does very minor damage but in the English version it NEEDS to hit the hitbox to work 

So why I say these small details is to see if it will affect gameplay and add more to aid psyke to help him with adjusting gameplay