Godzilla Creepypasta 0.0.3

Happy New Year!

I know that a lot of you guys only knows about the game through this Blog, so I want to apologyze for not posting the latest release here in the Official Blog, I totally forgot about it! (Sorry!)

ps: this post is for people who didn’t know about the latest version (0.0.3 – Pathos) that was released a few months ago.

This new version brings a lot of new features like a new planet (Pathos), Widescreen mode, new HUD interface, Save Slots, Card System and more!

You can always go to my website Allone-Works to check for the latest update of the game. I also highly recommend joining our Official Discord Server to interact with people and keep you up-to-date in regards to the development of the game.

Download: VERSION 0.0.3

The full changelog is listed below:

• Added a new Planet: PATHOS. This planet brings a lot of new enemies, bosses and exclusive musics!
• Added a Widescreen mode. Now you can play the game in widescreen monitors (16:9) with no black bars!
• Added a new Save System (up to 3 slots).
• Added a new Game Mode (Custom Mode).
• Added a new Card System. Cards allows the players to play as different monsters and use cheats in Custom Mode.
• Added 6 new playable monsters that can be unlocked in Campaign Mode.
• Added a new HUD that changes the Health/Power bars and also provides some additional information. This HUD can be selected in the VIDEO options.
• Added progress tracking to all items from the VAULT (Jukebox, Bestiary and Cards).
• Added damage per level to all monsters/bosses.
• Added parallax to the Wilderness/Volcano stages.
• Updated the Gamepad System to support analog stick and a wider range of gamepads.
• Updated the Jukebox with new musics from PATHOS.
• Updated the Bestiary with new monsters from PATHOS.
• Updated Godzilla’s Heatbeam to use only 6 power bars.
• Updated Godzilla’s Tailwhip collision. Now the hitbox is larger and can hit up to 3 enemies at once.
• Updated Gezora’s Tentacle Damage Hitbox.
• Updated Health/Power Capsule heal amount from 35% to 40%.
• Updated Dogora’s Yellow Cells. Now they can drop Health capsules.
• Updated Orbital enemies sprites.
• Updated the Palette System. All the assets from the game were converted to use an specific palette to keep the consistency between stages/planets.
• Updated the Collision System with a lot of improvements.
• Reduced Flaming Shuriken’s collision damage from 0.2 to 0.1.
• Reduced Markalite/Electric Cannon Projectiles collision damage from 0.2 to 0.15.
• Fixed a lot of bugs from the previous version.


  1. somebody1 January 7, 2021 10:03 pm  Reply

    man you doing a great job!
    i cant wait for 0.0.4
    never give up this project!
    when i first read the ngc
    i wanted to play so bad, that i started to work
    in scratch(XD) but i gave up cuz i didnt had sprites,
    so good luck with this project!

  2. sbubby January 11, 2021 1:01 am  Reply

    omg this looks awesome

  3. Adrian January 28, 2021 8:48 am  Reply

    It was about time bro!
    Can’t wait to see more in the next update!

  4. mookabooka January 31, 2021 4:17 am  Reply

    It does me heart well to know that there is still love for this story. It’s absolutely astonishing seeing how far this project has gone.

  5. Kenny95 February 7, 2021 2:15 am  Reply

    Calling this a 0.0.3 version is a disservice to how amazing it is.

    It is not only perfectly functional, but even more so than the original, all the quality of life improvements are great, like the save system and controller support.

    Also the custom mode with new monsters is a genius idea. (really wished you added the posibility of more than 2 monsters in custom mode)

    However, if I were to point out, not a flaw, but something i wanted to be added is the ability to go back to a previous map in order to look for missed collectables without having to start a new game.

    Aside from that it is great.
    I’d even consider it the definitive version of NES godzilla

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