Godzilla Creepypasta 0.0.2

Hello everyone!
Today I’m releasing a new version of the game, lots of things added, like new stages, minibosses and also TITANOSAURUS!

Download: VERSION 0.0.2

You can check this version’s changelog below:

• Added Save/Load System.
• Added a new planet: MARS. This includes all the monsters and stages from Mars, and some new Bosses/Minibosses.
• Added a new monster: TITANOSAURUS.
• Added a new exclusive miniboss: DOGORA.
• Added a new exclusive stage: GLITCHY STAGE (MARS).
• Added a new capsule: Hybrid Capsule, which fully recovers both Health & Power bars.
• Added a new behavior to the minibosses (Matango Hive, Gohten, Dogora): now they give Experience Points only once, and also drops an Hybrid Capsule.
• Added a new EXIT button to the main menu.
• Updated the Bestiary with the missing monsters from Earth (Volcano & Mecha City), and also added monsters from MARS!
• Updated the visuals for the Dogora Cells on Earth.
• Updated the ESC button on the keyboard to pause the game instead of exiting it.
• Updated the music volume of the game (reduced).
• Updated the Phoenix enemy to drop a Health Capsule when killed.
• Updated the Volcanoes to wait 3 seconds before throwing projectiles.
• Updated Godzilla’s Heatbeam (Godzilla does not get knocked back anymore while charging it).
• Increased Health & Power Capsules Recovery Amount (20% to 35%).
• Increased Mothra’s EyeBeam Damage (0.04 to 0.05).
• Increased Mothra’s Wing Damage (0.075 to 0.1).
• Increased Duplication Delay for the Flame Shurikens.
• Reduced Orb’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.25).
• Reduced ThornTower’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.1).
• Reduced Phoenix’s Health (0.35 to 0.2).
• Reduced Phoenix’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.1).
• Reduced Manda’s Health (1.0 to 0.65).
• Reduced Manda’s Collision Damage (0.35 to 0.1).
• Reduced Dogora’s Collision Damage (0.01 to 0.005).
• Fixed the direction of Moguera’s Projectiles (MARS).
• Fixed a bug that allowed the player to fight the bosses without having to play through the stages.
• Fixed a bug with volcanoes appearing too close to the screen.
• Fixed a bug where Godzilla could get stuck after receiving damage from the volcanoes.
• Fixed a bug where the music would stop after dying while playing on a regular stage.


  1. Justin May 18, 2019 6:14 am  Reply

    Hey dude, I just had a memory about the original story and decided to look it up. Glad you’re still writing, and even making an actual game! That’s crazy.


  2. Lelon May 22, 2019 1:13 pm  Reply

    Nice. Thank you, because don’t end work!)

  3. Lucas June 1, 2019 1:36 am  Reply

    no se porque, al abrir al juego sale muchos mensajes de archivos faltantes. Y no se ejecuta el juego
    (sorry for my bad English I’m from Argentina)

  4. Lucas June 1, 2019 1:37 am  Reply

    I do not know why, when I open the game, I get many messages from missing files. And the game is not executed (sorry for my bad English I’m from Argentina)

  5. ZLDFN101 June 9, 2019 8:06 pm  Reply

    Will there be RED?

  6. Daniel Bueno July 10, 2019 3:42 pm  Reply

    It’s SO awesome that someone is making a full game about this epic and so interesting story I’ve read god knows how many times. Thank you so much for creating this, and please, don’t hesitate in asking the community for help if you ever need. Good luck with the project!

  7. SkyRunner SG-1 March 14, 2020 11:30 pm  Reply

    I saw the first five chapters of the NES Godzilla Replay story, and I can’t wait until you continue that one! When will you do that, by the way?

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