NGC (Game): Work in Progress #2

Hi, it’s Psyke here.
I Just want to say that I will not be able to deliver theĀ DEMO this month because I’m very busy lately, I received a lot of tasks to work on my other game and right now I don’t have time to update the NGC Game, but I will have some time next month. Sorry for the delay! To compensate that, I’m releasing another Work in Progress video, featuring:

  • New title screen;
  • Shaders;
  • Keyboard/GamepadĀ configuration;
  • Jukebox;
  • Bestiary;
  • Cinematic intro;
  • Earth stages: Wilderness, Jungle, Mecha City 1 & 2;
  • A brand new glitchy stage that will appear on Mars;
  • A new special move for Mothra;
  • Hybrid capsule (recovers both health and power bars).

Thanks for your patience!


  1. Albert February 2, 2017 5:42 pm  Reply

    Perfect!!! Good job on this update! I’ll wait for the demo patiently.

  2. GrandMoffTarkin February 2, 2017 8:23 pm  Reply

    Awesome! Thanks a lot for the update!

  3. Hawk Vercetti March 8, 2017 4:46 am  Reply

    This gets me so pumped up šŸ˜€

  4. Timothy Wilcox April 4, 2017 6:33 pm  Reply

    Will this game be available on steam?

  5. Daniel Bueno May 23, 2017 2:22 pm  Reply

    You’ve done such an amazing job already, man!
    This really, REALLY feels legit. I just left you a more detailed comment on your #2 NGC WiP video on YouTube, but I had to tell you this here too: take your time, man. Work at it at your own pace. We don’t want to rush you to finish it faster at the sake of quality AND stressing you out. So have fun while working at it, you have all the time in the world. And keep up the awesome work!

  6. Red&Green May 24, 2017 12:11 pm  Reply

    Go!Go!Go! Perfect work.

  7. 237 May 30, 2017 11:48 am  Reply

    Please carry on with this. I thought you were going to do it far sooner than this

  8. Zillafreak June 21, 2017 5:47 am  Reply

    Looks amazing please keep this up. Bravo good sir.

  9. Carlos Sanchez January 9, 2018 1:33 am  Reply

    Man, i really want to help you out if you are still working on this, i have experience with pixel art.

  10. '??? September 29, 2020 8:47 am  Reply


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